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    Argan Oil

Tuesday, 16. July 2013

Always use natural body care products
By arganelle, 15:15

Shampoos are used in all over the world. Shampoos are the most used hair care products in the world but not everyone knows that most of the shampoos that are available in the market are of substandard quality. Shampoos and conditioners are easily available in the market but not all of them are made from healthy ingredients. Most shampoos and conditioners are made from synthetic chemicals. Some shampoos and conditioners smell really good but they have synthetic fragrances in them. Synthetic chemicals and synthetic fragrances are extremely harmful for our scalp. They can make our hair dull and dry in a very short period of time. One must only use natural hair care products. Natural hair care products have natural ingredients like fruits and flowers, herbs, honey, olive oil, aloe vera, milk, eggs, coconut oil and almonds in them. Natural and herbal products take care of our hairs naturally. Whenever you talk about skin care tonics and oil, every person wants to use oil that is completely organic. Argan oil is a completely organic oil that is obtained by crushing the kernels from the fruits of the Argan tree. It has numerous benefits and this is probably the reason why most people call it as miracle oil.


The oil has lots and lots of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in it and it offers everything that you demand from an ideal hair care or skin care product. It is not just good for hairs but it is also a perfect product for skin as well. Argan oil is an awesome cleanser, it cleans the skin from the pours and nourishes it. On the other hand it cleans and moisturizes the scalp and keeps you away from numerous skin hair care issues like hair fall, hair dryness and dandruff. My hair got dull and dry because of using shampoos and conditioners which are made from synthetic ingredients. I am very conscious about my good looks and I have to meet a lot of people every day; therefore it was important for me to take good care of my hairs and skin. My dermatologist suggested me to use Argan oil. The oil is exported in a very small quantity and therefore it must be purchased carefully. I bought Argan oil from an online shop and used it twice a day. It was a complete gift for my skin and hairs as it totally made my hairs shiny, soft and beautiful. On the other hand my skin is more clean and clear after using Argan oil. I am using it as the soul body care product for me. There are many body care products that have argan oil in them. Always buy the body care products which are made from natural ingredients and which have argan oil in them. According to the famous researcher Patrick Truong, organic shampoos and conditioners always give better results. Patrick has also researched on Argan oil and also recommends his clients to use Argan oil.

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Monday, 01. July 2013

Hair care tips for men and women
By arganelle, 17:32

The beautiful hair will add to the personality of yours. If you wish that your hair was good then, use these tips to get the best hair care. Natural hair care tips and tricks may work wonders for you.

1. Usually it is after the bath that you need to take care of the hair, when the hair dries off or gets wet it has to be in perfect condition. The shampoos that you use must be according to the nature of the hair, the oils that you apply before or after the bath can be effective too. The dryers and hair drying tools must not be used regularly, once in a while to get ready for some party it is fine, but regularly is not recommended. They will make your hair smooth and silky when you carry the task, but it will effect in the long run.

2. Try and use cold water to rinse you hair. It’s always better to use the cold water instead of the hot or warm water. So if you are taking a bath, with warm water, still try and get the hair washed with the cold water. Try not to use shampoo every day, it will ruin the hair, unless you apply oil also, Argan oil is the best.

3. There is one more trick that you can use, it is to apply some good quality talcum powder for clean and fresh Skin Care on you roily skin, and then wash it.

4. The sun’s rays are also harmful for the hair and they can damage it if exposed constantly and for a long time. So better cover your hair with a cap or apply some oil like Argan oil that is also a good protection against the sub’s UV rays.

5. Rub the hair with serum and braid them then you will have wavy hair. When your hair is dry completely then open the braid, it will be wavy.

6. Water is the secret ingredient to the hair health, it is acutely to everything on the body. So drink a lot of water for better hair care. When in summers you must drink double the amount you drink in winters.

7. If your hair is dry and dull use some natural moisturizers like Argan oil, or use the products that have this ingredient. Your hair will look shiny after application of the conditioners.

8. Use Aloe Vera products. It will give the hair strength and shine.

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Tuesday, 07. May 2013

Skin, Hair & Body Care on a Budget
By arganelle, 11:15

Let’s face it – skin, hair & body care can get pretty expensive, but if you are creative enough, you can supplement your traditional skin, hair & body care routine with budget friendly products and techniques. This doesn’t mean that you have to beg your best friend to give you a haircut, but it does mean that you could be putting more time and effort into creating your own skin, hair & body care products.

There a so many recipes available for homemade beauty products and all of the ingredients you need tend to be pretty affordable. In fact, you might even be surprised at how many you have in your own pantry right now. If you have never tried skin, hair & body care on a budget, you are probably not convinced that homemade beauty products are as effective as the scrubs, cleansers, and moisturizers you can get at your local drug store.

Believe it or not, you can achieve the same great results using homemade skin, hair & beauty care products as you would with conventional brands. You simply need to understand the properties of each ingredient that you use and how they can contribute to your overall skin, hair and body health. Below, you will find a list of some of the most popular ingredients used in homemade skin, hair & beauty care products and the benefits of each one.

You will notice that some of these ingredients are commonly listed in many of the products you purchase already.

The most common ingredients found in homemade skin, hair & body care products:

Oats – Oatmeal scrubs are some of the most popular beauty products available on the market today, but why spend all that money on a product that is full of chemicals and artificial ingredients when you can create a wholesome homemade beauty product with healthy ingredients?  Not to mention the fact that do-it-yourself skin, hair & body care is much easier on your pocketbook than the expensive brand name beauty products.

Oats are an exfoliating staple when it comes to crafting your own beauty products. Combine oats with warm water to create a soothing scrub for your entire body. Oats are also a natural anti-inflammatory, so your muscles and joints will thank you too!

Lemons –Skin, hair & body care remedies are easy to make and use very simple ingredients like lemons. In addition to being a wonderful exfoliating agent for your skin, lemons are also a natural toner that you can use to clean out your pores and show off your beautiful shiny skin. Oily skin can be your worst enemy, but when you use homemade skin, hair & body care products that contain lemon as a main ingredient, you will be able to combat your oily skin and have clean and bright skin instead.

Who knew that lemons were such a powerful skin cleansing ingredient? The next time you are at the market, make sure you pick up a few extra lemons to use for your homemade skin, hair & body care products.

Cucumbers –You know the classic scene of a woman relaxing in a day spa with cucumbers resting on her eyes? Well, there are actually plenty of skin and body care benefits associated with cucumbers! Whether you are placing cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness or using cucumber shavings in a cleansing and refreshing facial mask, you will love the cool, crisp feeling of this healing vegetable on your skin.

Cucumber has a high water content which means that it is also great to use as a body care ingredient when you want to rid your body of toxins. This diuretic will help flush your system and make you feel great.

Yogurt –Before you get a little grossed out by the idea of using yogurt as an ingredient in your homemade skin, hair & body care products, just wait until you see all of the amazing benefits of yogurt. When you need intense conditioning on your hair, but you don’t want to expose your lovely locks Argan Oil to all of the harsh chemicals found in hair care products, try creating a paste out of yogurt and applying it to your hair just as you would a conditioner.

Yogurt makes hair soft and allows you to work out any difficult tangles. Yogurt is also an amazing natural product for your skin. Make a yogurt mask by combining yogurt, lemon, and oats. Gently rub this healing scrub all over your face, neck, and any other part of your body that needs a little intense exfoliation treatment.

Olive oil –Olive oil truly is nature’s moisturizer. Infuse some olive oil with your favorite scent and you have yourself an incredible, all-natural skin moisturizer that is perfect for the cold winter months when your skin needs the most TLC. Olive oil is also great for taming your frizzy hair when it gets out of control. Don’t apply too much or your hair will start to look a little greasy! Pour a few drops of olive oil in your hands and spread it evenly throughout your hair to add some moisture, sleekness, and shine.

Even men can take advantage of the moisturizing properties of olive oil by using it on their face as an after shave or on their cracked hands in the winter time.

These are only a few of the ingredients you can use to make healthy, homemade skin, hair & body care products. Having to think on your feet and get creative forces you to find different affordable ways to maintain Skin Care your beauty care routine without emptying your wallet. Just remember the next time you are standing in the body care section of the store, challenge yourself to see how many amazing skin, hair & body care products you can make at home using wholesome ingredients.

It is important to look good, but it is also important to make sure that you are not sacrificing other things in your life in order to keep up appearances. Balance your beauty care and your budget by trying some of these easy to find ingredients in your own skin, hair & body care products.

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Cold Weather Skin, Hair & Body Care Techniques You Can't Live Without
By arganelle, 11:13

Everyone has difficulty keeping up with their skin, hair & body care routine in the winter months because everything is that much more difficult to maintain. The cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin, hair & body care routine since you have to adjust for the harsher winter elements. This means that you need to be more cognizant of moisturizing and conditioning so that your skin and hair stay hydrated and soft.

If you are struggling with the difficulties of keeping up with your skin, hair & body care in the winter months, you need to introduce some new techniques into your beauty repertoire in order to maintain skin that glows, hair that shines, and a body that is fit and trim. The winter weather skin, hair & body care techniques in this article will help you get through the harsh winter elements with no problem at all.

Cold weather skin, hair & body care technique #1 – Don’t forget about the tanning bed all winter. This seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people forget to incorporate the occasional visit to the tanning bed during the cold winter months. This is understandable considering the last thing you will think of when you are in the freezing temps is stripping down to your bathing suit and getting in a tanning bed.

Everyone agrees that tan skin looks healthier than your dull and drab winter skin. Keep yourself glowing by hitting up the tanning bed at least a couple of times a month in the winter. This is definitely a necessary part of any winter skin, hair & body care routine.

Cold weather skin, hair & body care technique #2 – Heal yourself with moisturizing oils, creams, and butters. If you already love to lather on those wonderful smelling creams and lotions, then you will love just how much you will utilize these beauty products in the wintertime. The cold temperatures and chilly winds cause your skin to become dry and cracked everywhere. This is why it is so important to use ultra moisturizing creams to protect and heal your skin from winter’s harshest elements.

If your skin, hair & body care routine already involves a lot of moisturizers, then you will be prepared to take on winter’s wrath. Just make sure that you stock up on lotions that provide deep moisture penetration to really heal your damaged skin.

Keeping your face smooth and even is probably the most difficult beauty challenge in the winter since it gets the brunt of all the weather. Unless you want to spend four months in a balaclava, you have to compete with the elements by adding more moisturizing treatments into your regular skin, hair & body care routine.

Cold weather skin, hair & body care technique #3 – Hydration is another way to keep your body healthy. Using external lotions and creams helps to keep your skin’s surface soft and moisturized on the outside, but in order to keep your entire body healthy during the long winter months, you need to hydrate as much as possible. You can’t go wrong with plain old water, and it is recommended that you consume at least 8 cups per day. Hydrating is important any time of year, but the colder weather combined with a drier house make it so important for you to stay even more hydrated.

If you have trouble consuming the amount of water you are supposed to each day, invest in a water bottle that you carry around everywhere with you so that you are always reminded that you have water to drink.

Cold weather skin, hair & body care technique #4 – Avoid taking really hot showers, as tempting as it may be. When you come in from being outside in the freezing cold winter weather, there is nothing more that you want than to take a super hot shower or bath to warm yourself up. While this is a quick way to warm up, it is also a quick way to dry out your skin.

You already have to moisturize more as part of your winter skin, hair & body care routine, and the last thing you want to do is dry your skin out even more by taking hot showers. Stick with warm showers in the wintertime, or even better, fill up the tub for a warm winter bath with some essential oils added in to moisturize your skin.

Cold weather skin, hair & body care technique #5 – Stay away from harsh facial cleansers and peels. If you are noticing a trend about your winter skin, hair & body care routine, it is that you must do everything you can to prevent your skin and hair from drying out too much. Not only is dry skin unattractive, but it can also be painful if it starts to crack and burn.

Harsh facial cleansers or peels are known for pulling the moisture out of your skin. This means that you should avoid these at all costs during the winter and use mild cleansers instead. It may be hard to break your usual skin, hair & body care routine for winter, but if you want to save your skin, it is something that you absolutely have to do.

Combating the elements in winter can be challenging, but as long as you know how to alter your skin, hair & body care routine to face the bitter cold, wind, and snow you will emerge from the nasty winter weather with healthy skin. Winter is a good time to give your skin a break from all of the treatments you tend to get done in the warm summer months.

Just focus on moisturizing and hydrating and you will make it through the winter with fabulous skin. Whatever your winter skin, hair & body care routine is, make sure you follow through with it so that you can maintain your beautiful skin even in the face of nasty elements. You will happy that you did once springtime rolls around and you don’t have to play catch up with your beauty routine.

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Attention all Men: Enhance Your Skin, Hair & Body Care with These Simple Tips
By arganelle, 11:12

A healthy skin, hair & body care routine is not just limited to women looking to improve their physical appearance. Guys can also benefit from many common skin, hair & body care techniques like moisturizing, exfoliating, and eating well. If you are a guy looking for some simple ways to improve your skin, hair & body care without become the brunt of all your friends’ jokes, these subtle tips will help you achieve the look you want without a lot of fuss.

Skin, hair & body care regimens for men are vastly different than a woman’s daily routine. Most guys take twenty minutes or less in the bathroom each day to cover all of the body care needs whereas women can spend hours in front of the mirror and still be unhappy with the results. Maybe guys will never need to spend as much time on grooming and body care as women, but it is becoming increasingly important for men to be more aware of their physical appearance and hygiene.

Men’s skin, hair & body care tip – A little good hygiene goes a long way. For guys, good hygiene is paramount when it comes to maintaining a good skin, hair & body care routine. Men’s hygiene is becoming a popular marketing tool for companies like Axe and Old Spice who have entire product lines dedicated for men only. Even though a lot of guys don’t want to put any “smelly stuff” on their body, it is so important to smell fresh and clean every time you leave your house.

There are so many options on the market for men now for body washes, scrubs, lotions, and other health and beauty products. If you are a guy who is looking to increase your sex appeal by putting a little more effort into your personal appearance, try out some of these products just for men as part of your regular skin, hair & body care routine. Women will definitely notice the fact that your hands are softer than the other guys who refuse for use good smelling scrubs and lotions.

Men’s skin, hair & body care tip – Don’t be ashamed to get manicures and pedicures. Before you skip this section and move right on to tip three, just think about how often you hear women complain about a guy’s hands, nails, and feet. Now, why wouldn’t you want to stand out from the other guys by taking care of your hands, nails, and feet with regular manicures and pedicures?

The stigma attached to guys who take pride in their skin, hair & body care should not prevent you from taking care of your appearance and having pride in the way you present yourself. There is nothing wrong with a guy who wants to clean up their hands and feet with a manicure or a pedicure. In fact, you should be embracing the idea of doing things with your skin, hair & body care routine that will get the attention of the ladies.

Men’s skin, hair & body care tip – Eat more salads. As if you couldn’t tell, many of these skin, hair & body care tips for men involve breaking the traditional perspective of how a man is supposed to look or act. Guys are supposed to be steak and potatoes people, and should have a natural distaste for any form of green vegetable and most fruits. Sticking with this stereotype can be pretty detrimental to your general health since fruits and vegetables are so important to help you obtain a healthy skin, hair & body care routine.

The next time you are out to dinner with a group of friends, try ordering a healthier option instead of your usual smothered pork chops. You may get discerning looks from the other guys in your party, but it will be worth it when you wake up feeling much better about your food choices the next day. You can also try healthier snacking to replace your afternoon ritual of potato chips and red bull.

When you start eating a diet that complements your skin, hair & body care regimen, you will notice a major improvement in your physical appearance.

Men’s skin, hair & body care tip – Join your girlfriend the next time she goes to the spa.

Again, before you skip this section, just think about your goal of increasing your skin, hair & body care in order to look and feel better. Who wouldn’t love a nice relaxing spa day every now and then? Even guys can benefit from the skin and body treatments available at a day spa. Guys tend to have rougher skin than woman, which means that exfoliating treatments are that much more valuable in a guy’s skin, hair & body care routine.

Going to the spa is another one of those activities that has been associated with a woman’s beauty care routine, but there is no reason why a guy can’t enjoy the special face and body treatments at a spa.

The idea that men should not be taking as much of an interest in their skin, hair & body care as women is pretty old fashioned. More and more guys are recognizing how important it is to keep up with their personal grooming, hygiene, and body care. Being invested in your appearance involves more than simply hitting the gym five days a week to bulk up.

You may be able to sculpt a hot body, but if you have a poor complexion and rough scaly hands, women are not going to care about your bulging biceps. If you don’t start paying more attention to your skin, hair & body care, you will fall way behind this growing trend that men everywhere are catching on to.

Gone are the days where guys have to hide the fact that they put a lot of care and effort into their personal appearance. You should be proud to maintain a healthy skin, hair & body routine that reflects a healthier version of yourself.

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Skin, Hair & Body Care Tips for Women
By arganelle, 11:11

If you are unhappy with the results of you current skin, hair & body care regimen, there are some things that you can try in order to improve your results and feel better about yourself. The wonderful thing about the skin, hair & body care industry is that there is a constant cycle of new products being introduced on the market, so that if one product or method is not working for you, there are at least ten other similar products you can try until you find the one you like.

Sometimes it also helps to simply get back to the basics with your skin, hair & body care. Simple things like moisturizing your skin and doing deep conditioning treatments on your hair are super easy things that can really elevate your skin, hair & body care routine without a lot of time or effort on your part. This list of skin, hair & body care tips for women will combine things that you can do yourself and professional products and services that you can take advantage of in order to look and feel your best all the time.

Incorporate a few of these skin, hair & body care tips into your daily and weekly beauty routine and you will see a big difference in the health and quality of your skin, hair, and body.

Skin, hair & body care tip #1 – Schedule the occasional trip to the tanning salon. Part of having healthy looking skin is getting that radiant glow. Sometimes you might need a little help jumpstarting your skin when the warmer weather hits and even during the summer to make sure you maintain your glow. Visit the tanning salon on occasion just to give your skin a little healthy shine with some color.

When you see how wonderful your skin looks with just a little bit of color, you will be motivated to keep up with your tint year round. There is nothing wrong with adding a little healthy glow to your skin, especially in the winter when sun bathing is not very practical and tropical islands are hard to come by.

Skin, hair & body care tip #2 – Get a body massage at least once every three months. That tension in your neck and shoulders is not very good for your skin, hair & body care routine. How is that connected? Well, when you are tense and stressed out, it is your appearance that suffers the most for it. How many times have you been stressed and some has come up to you and told you that you don’t look very good. Despite your best efforts to hide it, your appearance will be affected by your stress level.

Getting a body massage is one of the best ways to relax your body and clear your mind. Adding a regular massage to your skin, hair & body care routine will increase your energy and fill you with positivity and a great outlook on life. All of these things will be evident in your appearance when you don’t have as many skin breakouts or bags underneath your eyes. Besides, getting a little time to yourself is never a bad thing, right?

Skin, hair & body care tip #3 – Take more bubble baths. This is along the same lines as getting frequent body massages, but also has healing properties for your skin as well. Fill your bubble bath with skin enhancing bath salts or oils for an all over moisturizing treatment. Taking a bubble bath is a great way to add to your current skin, hair & body care routine because it is simple yet so rewarding.

Even if you can only find the time to get in the tub once a week, all of the moisturizing oils or salts you use will be a like a total spa treatment for your entire body. You personal bath time is also a moment that you can carve out for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Try it out this week and you will be hooked. This will become the best part of your skin, hair & body care routine.

Skin, hair & body care tip #4 – Enhance your diet with foods that promote healthy skin and hair.

Eating a well balanced meal can be difficult, but the wonders that fresh fruits and vegetables do for your skin and hair health are undeniable. Your skin, hair & body care routine should include products that you use externally as well as a healthy diet plan that nourishes your body from the inside out. All of the vitamins and minerals contained in fresh fruits and vegetables are critical for having soft, clear skin, healthy hair, and a slim figure.

Don’t skimp on your fruits and vegetables in order to see the best results from your skin, hair & body care. If you aren’t crazy about eating fruits and vegetables, try investing in a juicing machine. You can get more of the good vitamins and minerals in one cup of fresh juice than if you tried to eat fresh fruits and vegetables all day.

If you are a busy woman, you need to try and make more time to focus on your skin, hair & body care; otherwise you will be constantly upset with the general health of your skin, hair & body. There is nothing wrong with taking a little “me” time each to indulge in your body care. If fact, taking time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do to contribute to your overall mental, emotional, and physical health.

Don’t underestimate the power of a healthy and consistent skin, hair & body care routine. Even the smallest changes in your regimen can have a major impact on the quality of your skin. If you want to see your desired results, you have to work for them. No one that has beautiful features and an amazing appearance can say that it is all natural. Just follow a few of these tips and see how they can improve your personal skin, hair & body care.


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The Do-It-Yourself Skin, Hair, and Body Care Guide: Get a Salon Look and Feel at a Fraction of the Cost
By arganelle, 11:08

What most people fail to realize is that the single most important factor in determining whether or not you look like you just walked out of a salon when you really just walked out your front door is time. You have to take the time required on a proper skin, hair & body care routine if you want to experience salon like results from your own home.

Going to the hair salon, spa, or nail salon can be extremely satisfying and rewarding, but as you well know, the results from any of these beauty places does not last forever. Not to mention the fact that frequently visiting salons for skin, hair & body care treatments can leave quite the dent in your pocketbook. So what are you supposed to do if you love that salon fresh look, but you can’t justify the cost of going every single time you want something done? You need to become a do-it-yourself skin, hair & body care diva at home.

Nothing says that you can’t look like a million bucks without spending that much on expensive treatments. You just have to be willing to put in a little time and effort at home. It helps to research high quality products that you can use at home too to enhance your skin, hair & body care routine. Check out the DIY guide below for achieving a salon look at home for a fraction of the cost.

DIY skin, hair & body care tip #1 – Learn to touch up your own roots. Everyone hates their graying roots. In fact, if you gathered a bunch of middle aged women in a room and asked them to tell you the one feature of their hair they can’t stand, the majority of them will tell you that they hate their roots.

Unfortunately, this is just something that is a part of getting older and you can respond to roots in one of two ways. You can either accept it as a fact of life, or you can take the measures to try and cover up your roots. Usually, women start off getting this treatment done at a salon, but then realize that it is slowly eating away at their life’s savings every time they have to schedule an appointment (which is often since roots grow fast!).

Learn to manage your roots at home and your friends will never be able to tell that you covered them up yourself versus having them done at the salon. You will save money without sacrificing any part of your appearance.

DIY skin, hair & body care tip #2 – Invest in exfoliating face and body scrubs. One of the best kept secrets of spas and salons is not really a secret at all. Whenever you book a spa treatment, what are the most popular services that you opt for? The majority of you probably choose the exfoliating skin treatments and somehow convince yourself that they simply feel more effective when you get them done at a spa as opposed to doing the treatment yourself at home.

It may feel like salon exfoliation treatments feel better, but this is only because you are paying three times as much for them! You can easily achieve the salon facial look by investing in a couple of different scrubs that you can add to your skin, hair & body care routine every week. Even if you just focus on the rough and dry areas of your skin, you will notice that the tone and smoothness of your skin will be much improved by peeling off those dead skin cells more frequently at home.

DIY skin, hair & body care tip #3 – Buy a Yoga mat and an instructional DVD

Yoga is one of those exercises that you can do just about anywhere. Well, you probably shouldn’t break out your yoga mat on the train platform during the busy morning commute, but you get the idea. If you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on a yoga class because you thought it would enhance your skin, hair & body care by improving your overall health, then you need to step back and assess the value.

Yoga is a relaxing and strengthening exercise that you can easily do a few times a week in your home. Clear out a space with plenty of room to set up your yoga mat and buy a few different instructional videos that you can follow along with at home. You will be amazed at how well you can perform the positions on your own without the presence of a physical instructor, and you might even find that you appreciate the solitude as opposed to being in a room full of people.

Becoming more relaxed and stress free is a great way to impact your skin, hair & body care routine at home. Stress does terrible things to our bodies, and the more you can relax the better off you will be!

DIY skin, hair & body care tip #4 – Wax your own eyebrows and upper lip

There is nothing pleasant about waxing, no matter who is doing it! So, why not buy a DIY waxing kit and give it a try yourself at home. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always invite a friend over to participate in the torture with you! Seriously, at home waxing kits are just as effective as salon treatments and you will save a lot of money just by keeping up with your waxing needs at home as a regular part of your skin, hair & body care.

You can even stay on top of your plucking in between waxing treatments in order to maintain your salon fresh look even longer. This is one of the easiest things that you can add to your at home routine, but just about everything mentioned here is simple stuff to include in your personal skin, hair & body care regimen. Try out of couple of the tips on this list to see if you can achieve the salon look at home. You will be amazed at the results!

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Argan Oil
By arganelle, 11:06

Since Argan Oil is in such short supply and the demand is huge right now it has opened the door for many trade brokers to step in and attempt to negotiate purchase orders of the organic oil from Morocco. ARGANELLE specializes in the import of many natural products and they focus a large portion of their effort in securing purchase contracts directly from the Moroccan production facilities. Any company that purchases Argan Oil has likely dealt with ARGANELLE.

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